About Us

Grow your restaurant business

GKC's turnkey solution for restaurants helps them set up an online presence, including food delivery, where they can create multiple digital storefronts easily and without having to contact each delivery platform.


To empower local, independent kitchens by using technology, strategy and marketing to create a larger customer base and increase profits.


To create a restaurant market that has equal opportunity for all restaurants/kitchens-big and small.


What We Provide

We design and develop top-of-the-line digital storefronts for your kitchens that can absorb excess capacity, increase orders, and boost your profits.

We consolidate all your delivery apps, orders and menus onto a single device, boosting sales and protecting profits through automation. GKC's order integration helps growth-oriented restaurants like yours achieve these goals.

Our specialists comprehend your business' market competition and will construct a personalised, captivating menu that attracts your clientele.

Through clever marketing campaigns and focused content, we help you create an irresistible and robust online presence. With GKC's bespoke marketing approach, you are effectively establishing a new business under the umbrella of your existing restaurant.

Future Potential

Grow your restaurant's revenue

GKC provides an opportunity to expand your restaurant's reach by making your food and services available to a broader audience. With such extended accessibility, your restaurant can see a significant increase in sales- as much as 50 %! Therefore, integrating your business into the delivery app market is key to boosting revenue and increasing the success of your restaurant.

81 %

Business Growth

65 %

Increase in Delivery Orders

73 %

Uptime Increase

Our Strategy

How will the restaurants benefit?

Success Stories

Client Testimonials

"With GKC as you partners you always keep growing."

"I am elated with my partnership with GKC. The journey has been great."

"Our number of orders have reached an all time high thanks to our partnership with GKC."